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What is a google plex times a google plex to the power of a google plex a google plex number of times?

Can you tell me what is a google plex

times itself (namely, a googlex plex)

to the power of itself (a google plex)

a google plex number of times?????

Note: You don't have to write down

the number for me; just write the first

digit and how many zeros follow it.

What is a google plex times a google plex to the power of a google plex a google plex number of times?
1 googol = 10^100

1 googolplex = 10^(10^100)

googolplex times itself to the power of itself a googolplex number of times

= 10^(10^100) · 10^(10^100)^[10^(10^100)] · 10^(10^100)

= [10^(10^100)]² · 10^(10^100)^[10^(10^100)]

= 10^(10^100 · 2) · 10^[10^100 ·10^(10^100)]

= 10^[10^100 · 2 + 10^(10^(100 + 10^100))]

= 10^[2 googol + 10^(1googol · 1googolplex)]


Reply:1 billion googleplexes

That would be 1 with a trillion zeros
Reply:Wow, I'll have to take my shoes off for this. the twelve...integrate the frobnitz...

Reply:what is a googl plex stupido

Is google an ISP as well in the US?

Because i can see in my website logs that somebody behind a google ip address (New York) regulary visits and reads certain pages in my website. Before you say that it is normal and is just google spidering my site i must make it clear that my site is 1 week old and hasn't yet been indexed by I found articles from 2005 on the net which read that google wanted to become an ISP in the US.

Is google an ISP as well in the US?
Google operates a WiFi network in Mountain View (California) and is getting ready to launch one in San Francisco, however, New York isn't on the least not yet. If it wasn't a Google spider then it could have been a Google employee or contractor.

BTW, just because your site isn't yet indexed doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't a spider. Crawling happens way before results show up on Google Search.
Reply:No problem man. :-) Report It

Reply:Google is not an ISP (Internet Service Provider.) Google is a search engine, and has news, maps, Google Earth with pictures, etc. Google on its own can't make regular visits and read pages on your website, but somebody using Google can.

Is this the Google PR update?

I've been trying to "SEO" my blog since 4 months. I have quite a lot of backlinks but google doesn't show them. Google's sitemap tool shows all (most) of them. Earlier the google toolbar showed "No pagerank information avilable" but Yesterday (9th august) it showed PR 0 (Page rank 0), when I check for backlinks of my blog in google, it only shows my blog and the blog where my blog domain was earlier. The funny thing is this old domain has only one page and it says "We've moved to a new address" and it also shows a PR 0, so what's the difference between my heavily loaded blog and that blog of one paragraph? I have quality backlinks (one from wikipedia's PR 5 page) (but google shows none of them) WHEN THE HELL WILL GOOGLE GIVE ME A NICE PR??

Is this the Google PR update?
Okay, wow. Lots to answer here. :-)

1) doesn't show all the links that it knows about to your site. In order to see a more complete list of inbound links that Google knows about, you'll need to sign up with Webmaster Central (, and even then, they don't show every link they know of.

2) The link you have from Wikipedia is no-followed, so it won't be passing you any "link juice." It's still a nice link to have for traffic purposes, though.

3) PR isn't something you should worry about. It has nothing to do with how highly your pages/blog will appear in the SERPs. PageRank today is used mainly as a determining factor for how often and how deeply a page/site gets crawled.

For a blog, the metrics you should be focused on are

- daily traffic

- feed/RSS subscribers

- amount of comments

As those things grow over time, your PR will follow. But really, with a blog, it's all about feed subscribers, comments, and traffic.

Hope this helps.
Reply:yes it is the new PR press release of the updated tools and etc to the site, check out the new downloads and see which ones you can benifit from

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Why google search didn't allow this key worD " "?

I am the owner of this site address But I got the first rank in yahoo search but its bad to google google didnt allowing this keyword....why it happening..????

Why google search didn't allow this key worD " "?
advertising and marketing are disallowed.
Reply:its not allowed
Reply:google have it automatic system for allowing and dis allowing keywords any thing starts with www. or ending with .com in bottom line you can not put your URL address as a key word BUT you can use this software to be more certain of what people search and get much more traffic

Do google earth and google maps refresh?

How new are the satellite photos from google earth and google maps and how often does each one refresh. If i stand outside with a sign for a month will i be on google earth?

Do google earth and google maps refresh?
im lead to believe (by google maps site) that it is random and some of the information is up to 3 years old :)

Reply:They refresh every so often. Companies such as news organizations pay subscriptions to Google Earth and I believe they use updated images for Google Maps.
Reply:Odds are you will not be on Google Earth/Map, only after a month. Maybe after a year or two you would. It is still very costly to do aerial photographing.

I had notice on Google Earth, no work has been done on the ROM, in Toronto. Even it work has started more then three years ago on the addition.
Reply:yeah, i parked my car out front and it was on google earth
Reply:no they don't refresh the images are like 3 years old

About Google Adwords match options?

I has just opened an Google Adwords account for my business. However, I am struggling in the match options Google provided - exact match, phrase match, broad match. I clearly understand the meaning of all these terms, but I wonder why it is needed to bid on exact wording in exact match or phrase match if broad match can show perfectly and the bid price is the same (which Google suggests).

Also, if I have 3 exact wording of keywords in exact, phrase and broad match and with same bid price,

1. [memory stick] ** 0.05

2. "memory stick" ** 0.05

3. memory stick **0.05

if a user types in (sony memory stick) in Google search, then which ad, the second phrase match or third broad match will show up?

How about if the bid price is not the same, let's say,

1. [memory stick] ** 0.5

2. "memory stick" ** 0.4

3. memory stick **0.3

If a user types in (memory stick), which ad will show up?

Thanks for helping~

About Google Adwords match options?
This is interesting. I need to know this too. I just learned about Google Adwords as of yesterday. If I find anything I'll let you know.

Reply:i dont know-sorry

Want Google back with english letters?

Sorry, I know this is a stupid question but I have to ask it. When I type, it appears in Google Gujrati. I clicked on the Google English tab and it will never revert. Every time I type google, it appears in the Gujrati version. My father-in-law somehow put it in Gujrati but he doesn't know to reverse the effects either. It's annoying. Any help would be appreciated

Want Google back with english letters?
try going to

That's with TWO "G"s.
Reply:i would say delete your cookies, browser history, and then go to google, then click preferences and select english..
Reply:Ok click the preferences link(the middle one on the right side of the page there)


the first drop down menu you see near the top, go there and look through that menu, the easiest to see will probably be Elmur Fudd, click that then click the button right above that dropdown menu... youll get again, go back to preferences(pwenfwences), the dropdown menu, and select 'engwish' then click the button again.

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